Sharing God with allAll Grade Levels

All students attend chapel every morning, seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness (Matthew 6:33).  On Mondays, all classes meet together to learn from the Word as well as sing praises and pray.  On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, chapel is split up by primary and upper grade levels (Pre-K through Grade 3, Grades 4-12).  On Thursdays, all students once again come together to attend chapel as a whole body.  Students recite classroom scripture, pray and worship.Small Classrooms

In order to ensure teachers are able to not only give whole class instruction but also work on the individual needs of each student, to promote enrichment and optimal learning, classroom sizes are kept small (ratio of about 15:1).


At Sulamita Christian School we offer an academically rigorous curriculum through A Beka, Saxon, LIFEPAC, and Christian Light materials.  We strive to teach children using a Biblical worldview and teach Biblical principles in every subject.  At the elementary level, a strong emphasis is placed on reading, language arts, and math.  Students at Sulamita Christian School are also taught Russian from primary through secondary levels, allowing them to gain fluency in a second language.

Other activities include field trips, school programs (Easter skit), and Serve the Community Day.

Science Sugar CrystalsMiddle/High School

The rigorous curriculum continues through all levels of education at Sulamita Christian School.  With the incorporation of Biblical principles into every subject, the students at Sulamita Christian School leave with a greater knowledge of the Word of God and His purpose in our lives, learning to follow Him and seek Him in all that they do, making Him and His commands our central purpose.

God's ResourcesSulamita Christian School makes it a point to teach in a hands on manner to engage every student and to promote lifelong learning.  The Lord supports our learning with His everyday blessings and life around us (the natural world He has given us all to live in).  We joyfully thank the Lord for this great supply, miracles of nature, and beauty that produces youthful curiosity and endless praises.

Middle and high school students also have opportunities to go on field trips, serve through our school wide community service, as well as serve as teacher’s aids, becoming mentors to the elementary students.  Students continue to be taught Russian into and through the secondary level, allowing them to become fluent in reading, writing, and speaking a second language.

The Middle School and High School Class also have the opportunity to reach the community through Drama class, putting on and preparing for a Christmas and end of year program.  The end of year program is put together to provide an outreach opportunity to those unfamiliar with Sulamita as well as allow people to see God’s work in all of these kids’ lives.  We pray it leads others into His light and that people are able to see His presence in all of us.