Sports Ministry

Sulamita EaglesBut they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”  Isaiah 40:31



Physical Exam Form (DOC)

Physical Exam Form (PDF)

Sulamita Christian School started its first athletic program during the 2014-2015 school year, through Track and Field!  We have been blessed by God and given a great opportunity to spread His Word and show His love and light to so many other families. Please continue to pray with us as this sports ministry program gets underway and as we (God’s disciples) go out into the community to show others what it means to have Him deeply seeded in our hearts, to be different, just as Jesus was and is, from the rest of the world.

This year we will continue to partner with Christian organizations in our community, such as the Northwest Christian Sports League.

If you would like to participate in a fall or winter sport, please complete and turn in the Athletic Packet.



This year, we have been blessed with many new introductions and partnerships in our community and are beginning our first boys school basketball team.  We previously partnered with the Northwest Christian Sports League for basketball sign ups and will continue to do so with the younger ages but are now expanding our athletic offering to a school basketball team.  We are so excited to be working with so many wonderful schools and organizations in our community and pray this endeavor continues to bring glory to the Lord.

If you would like to follow the team’s progress as well as find out when and where the next game will be played, please click here: Sulamita Christian Basketall Team Page.

For more information and sign ups with the Northwest Christian Sports League, please read below.  Registrations can be filled out online or mailed directly to the Northwest Christian Sports League (

  • Practices will begin in January.  Schedules are emailed out to families by the Northwest Christian Sports League.  If you have not received your schedule, please call: (425) 743-3067.
  • Most games are held on Saturdays.
  • All students are required to provide physical consent forms from a physician.
  • All students will be required to agree to and sign a Christian Character and Athletic packet.
  • A sports meeting will take place in December (TBD).




SPORTS 2016-2017



We are partnering with the Northwest Christian Sports League.  Registrations can be filled out online or mailed directly to the league (


  • Practices will begin in August.  Schedules are emailed out to families by the Northwest Christian Sports League.  If you have not received your schedule, please call: (425) 743-3067.
  • Most games are held on Saturdays.
  • All students are required to provide physical consent forms from a physician.
  • All students will be required to agree to and sign a Christian Character and Athletic packet.

(Soaring 4 Christ)


Tumbling BridgesThe first tumbling practice/meeting will take place on Tuesday, October 4, 2016, from 4:15-5:15 PM.  At this meeting, students will receive tumbling packets that need to be completed and returned before the next tumbling practice as well as have an introductory meeting going over tumbling rules and procedures as well as introductory skills.


Tumbling Packet (PDF)


  • Practices will be held on Tuesdays/Wednesdays, from 4:15-5:15 PM, at Sulamita. Additional, optional practices may also be scheduled on Mondays.
  • Attire:  All tumbling participants will be required to wear modest clothing that allows their bodies to stay covered while practicing tumbling. If shorts are worn, spandex/tight shorts must also be worn underneath.  All tops must also be tucked in/not come  up during practice.  If students are not sure whether their tops will come untucked, they must wear leotards underneath.
  • Cost: Each student will be required to donate $30 to the tumbling program for a one-time mat fee, so that necessary tumbling mats can be purchased.  Each practice is $5 per student per session. There will be no other fees associated with the tumbling program.  It is a blessing to be able to share this talent with others!
  • Students will be signed up for Intro. and Level 1 groups.  Intro. groups will practice on Wednesdays and Level 1 groups will practice on Tuesdays.
  • Only signed up students are allowed to stay after school.  There is no other child supervision provided.


Tumbling Class—Levels


INTRO (Red Ribbon Upon Completion):


  1. Forward Roll
  2. Backward Roll
  3. Cartwheel (Right)
  4. Cartwheel (Left)
  5. Bridge Kickover
  6. Handstand (no wall help, 3 second hold)


LEVEL 1 (Yellow Ribbon Upon Completion):


  1. Review of All Intro Skills
  2. Round Off with Rebound
  3. Handstand Forward Roll
  4. Front Walkover
  5. Back Walkover
  6. Back Handspring (Perfected)
  7. Round Off Back Handspring (Perfected)


LEVEL 2 (Green Ribbon Upon Completion):


  1. Review of ALL Intro and Level 1 Skills
  2. Aerial (0 hands cartwheel)
  3. Front Handspring (2-footed landing)
  4. Standing Back Handspring Series (3 or More)
  5. Round Off Back Handspring Series (3 or More)
  6. Back Handspring Step-Out
  7. Front Walkover & Back Handspring Step-Out Pass Combinations
  8. Jump Combination with Back Handspring Connection


LEVEL 3 (Blue Ribbon Upon Completion):


  1. Review of ALL Intro, Level 1 and Level 2 Skills
  2. Front Walkover/Front Handspring Connection
  3. Punch Front
  4. Round Off Tuck (Core)
  5. Round Off Back Handspring Tuck (Core)
  6. Standing Back Handspring Back Tuck
  7. Standing Back Handspring Series to Back Tuck
  8. Standing Tuck


LEVEL 4 (White Ribbon Upon Completion):


  1. Review of ALL Intro, Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3 Skills
  2. Round Off Back Handspring Layout
  3. Round Off Layout
  4. Standing Back Handspring Series to a Layout
  5. Punch Front Pass Combinations
  6. Whip Back Pass Combinations
  7. Bounding Elements
  8. Full Twist (Knowledge of Standing, Standing Combination and Running)



Soccer (Mukilteo Youth Soccer Club):

  • Registration (Online Only): From March 1, 2016–March 15, 2016.  All registrations must be completed online.  If you need any help with online registration, please contact Mr. Smith.
  •  2016 Spring Soccer Recreation Fees (for boys and girls)Player Age/Programs/Registration Fee 
    • U4 & U5 – Micro Soccer: $53.00 (Player fee +WA State Youth Soccer Fee),  co-ed
    • U6 & U7 – Micro Soccer: $53.00 (Player fee +WA State Youth Soccer Fee), co-ed
    • U8 – U14 – Mod & Recreation: $68.00 (Player fee +WA State Youth Soccer Fee)

    MYSC does not offer financial aid for the spring season.

Soccer (Northwest Christian Sports League)

If you would still like to sign up for soccer, registration for the NCSL has begun (started April 1, 2016) and still has open sign-ups.

  • Registrations can be filled out online or mailed directly to the NCSL.  All information is available at the following link:
  • If you need/would like help completing the registration, please stop by the school office and we would be happy to help.
  • No registrations will be accepted after the sign-up deadline has passed so please make sure to sign-up on time.

Flag Football (Everett Under the Lights):

  • Registration (Online Only):  By March 18th, 2016.
    All registrations must be completed online.  If you need any help with online registration, please contact Mr. Smith (
  • The 2016 Spring Everett Under the Lights flag football season runs from April through early June, with games taking place at

Archbishop Murphy High School
12911 39th Avenue
Everett, WA 98208

  • FEES:  $155/player (includes UA Dri-Fit shirt, UA Raid short, and guarantee of 7 games).  Registration fee changes to $175 on March 11.  Siblings receive a $25 discount (use promo code “SiblingDiscount”)
  • REFUND POLICY:All refund requests must be submitted to the league commissioner prior to April 10. A refund will be issued less $25 and will take 5-7 business days. NO refund requests after April 10.


April 9, 15, 22, 29

May 6, 13, 20, 27


6v6 Flag

  • 1st-2nd Grade Division (Kindergarten is optional and will play in this division)
  • 3rd-4th Grade Division
  • 5th-6th Grade Division

7v7 HS Rules

  • 7th-8th Grade Division (option to play 6v6 flag rules based on # of participants)
  • ​Practice is only mandated a hour before games and a practice area is provided. Any additional practice is on a voluntary basis​



Track and Field

  • A Christian Character and Athletic Packet must be reviewed and signed by both the athlete and his/her parents in order to participate in the athletic program.
  • Practices:  Practice will be scheduled (and required) on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 5:00 PM-6:00 PM.  It is important that all track participants show up for/attend all required track practices so that they are able to compete in track meets.  The WIAA requires students to have at least 10 practices before competing in a meet.  Athletes need to come prepared and ready for practice (wearing athletic shorts or pants and running shoes).  Practice will continue to take place at Sulamita Christian School (and its surrounding areas) until the spring track schedule at Olympic View Middle School has been finalized.
  • Track Meets:  Most track meets will take place during the week.  If students need to leave school early to attend a track meet, they will be required and expected to complete any missed work, due to early dismissal, by the following school day.  This is an extension of the learning that takes place at Sulamita Christian School and requires discipline and hard work in order to participate.  We will not expect any less of our students, but take this great opportunity as a blessing from God to be able to further His Word and reach out to the larger community.
  • Track Schedule:  A set track schedule will be available within the next week (viewable online as well as sent home).

Our goal, as always, is to ensure that God is glorified in all that we do.  Sports are a wonderful opportunity to continue to spread God’s Word and share His love with others.



Godly Lessons From Sports1.Teach Gratitude & Humility

As believers in Jesus Christ, we play and coach for Him, not for ourselves. We must win and lose with humility, and our character should not change regardless of our success on the field.

Athletic talent is a blessing. As parents and coaches, we will help to show your child how to take a compliment with grace, gratitude, and humility. This is a great way to instill a level of godly humility within our children (Prov. 3:34James 4:6).

2. Teach Giving and Love Through Encouragement

The simplest thing we can offer a child is encouragement. It takes so little to notice something good about a player—hustling down to first, helping the coach, or patting a teammate on the back (Eph. 4:29). Whether you’re a coach that day or a parent in the stands, try to point out something positive from each kid. Recognition really boosts a child’s confidence and shows her or him that their actions are noticed (James 1:22).

3. Encourage A Balanced Life

We’re raising and teaching God’s children, not athletes. Encourage a balance of faith, family, work, and fun in life. We must always remember to put God first in our lives, but to also work at all we do, with all of the gifts God gives us, to the best of our abilities.  God gives us countless opportunities to serve Him in all that we do, as well as gives students and their families the opportunity to meet new friends/families as they attend athletic events, giving us the blessing of community outreach.

4. Put Your Own Words Into Practice

We want to teach children to be valiant, courageous leaders for our Lord.  Sports are a great way for kids and the school community to share God’s love with and minister to those around them (at sporting events).  Children, parents, and coaches will have the opportunity to be role models for others, respecting and obeying God’s word, through humility, love, and encouragement.  We will not be consumed by sports but by God and this will show through all of our actions.