Craft, Cook & Build Camp (With Bible Focus): Taught by Mrs. Smith

LavaLampThis summer, I am excited to be using some of God’s materials that He gives all of us to dig into science as well as create some fun things!  Each session will also have each child learning how to prepare their own food (with assistance from the teacher) for the day (lunch).


The sessions are held from 9AM-3PM.

General Schedule

9:00 AM       Morning prayer, Bible reading/lesson, Supply handout

9:30 AM       Craft Directions/Prep, Morning Warm-Up

10:00 AM     Morning Snack

10:20 AM     Morning Recess/Game

10:50 AM     Summer Session Activity (Lunch making/Craft)

11:50 AM     Lunch

12:20PM      Lunch Recess/Game

1:00 PM        Summer Session Activity (Build Project/Craft)

2:00 PM        Afternoon Snack

2:20 PM        Afternoon Recess/Game

2:40 PM        Summer Session Activity (Dessert Making/Craft)

End of Day Game

3:15 PM        Clean Up, Pack Up

3:30 PM        Dismissal

Some of the activities kids will get to experience include:

Session 1

1. Mosaic Masterpieces: Students get the opportunity to learn all about recycling and the wonderful things we can create with everything God gives us (recycled materials), including some mosaic masterpieces (Outdoor Plant Pot) and clay creations.

2. Pallet Herb/VPallet Planter Boxeggie Garden:  Kids learn how to build their own pallet planters, design them, as well as plant, label, and grow some of their own veggies/herbs in their very own garden.

Session 2

3. Paper Mache:  Bowls & hot air balloons!  Students learn about bonds and have fun crafting with paper mache.

4. Popscicle sticks:  Crafting with wood (popscicle sticks) to create box lamps/candle holders and other crafts.

Session 3

5. Sugar & Science:  Kids get to learn about chemical reactions and make their own sugar crystals as well as experiment with gummy bears, apples and bases.

ChallengeBag6. Big Bag Challenge (STEM) & Lava Lamps:  Students have science challenges where they are challenged to create a PomPom Launcher as well as a MarbleRun with the materials provided.  Later, kids will also be making lava lamps.

Session 4

7. Chalk it Up:  Learning to make chalk, build a personal chalkboard, as well as create wax candles.

8.  Gooey Goodness:  Silly Putty creation & moldable gak.