Meet Our StaffTeachers

  • Pre-Kindergarten:  Mrs. Luba (
  • Pre-Kindergarten:  Ms. Ashton (
  • Kindergarten:  Mrs. B (
  • Kindergarten: Mrs. Heather (
  • Grade 1:  Mrs. Hartigan (
  • Grade 2:  Mrs. Kinnear (
  • Grade 3:  Mr. Ryan (; Mrs. Patty (
  • Grade 4:  Mr. McMullen (
  • Grade 5:  Mrs. Coimbra (
  • Grades 6-12:
  • Mr. Hunt (, 
  • Mrs. Smith (,
  • Mr. Smith (,
  • Ms. Leah Smith (
  • Mr. Tyler (
  • Music Instructor (Pre-School-Grade 12):  Ms. Leah Smith (
  • Art Instructor (Grade 1-Grade 12):  Ms. Leah Smith (
  • World Language Instructor (K-12):  Ms. Bateyko (
  • Reading Specialist:  Mrs. Patty (
  • Classroom Assistant (volunteer):  Mrs. Olidinchuk
  • Substitute Teachers:  Mrs. Patton, Mrs. Mordi, Mrs. Kidwell, Mrs. Amy

Our certified teachers are kind, energetic, and helpful, willing to spend extra time to ensure comprehension of what is being taught.

The children are loved, accepted, and instructed.

TeachThe Lord has blessed Sulamita Christian School and its children with the servant hearts of its educators.  Every teacher is commited and stands firm in the ministry at Sulamita Christian School.  The numerous years of teaching experience, missionary work, and leadership skills are just a few of the traits the humble staff at Sulamita Christian School has to offer of all its students.

Each day all of the staff begins by seeking God in morning prayer.  Each seeks His guidance, and His will for the ministry and the children.  We pray abundant blessings over the families and praise the Lord for his daily supply.  The Lord is always sought first (Matthew 6:33).  We pray that we are able to convey this to all of the children at Sulamita, through our daily actions, as we “walk in the way of love, just as Christ also loved us” (Ephesians 5:2).

TeachingTeachers’ Perspective

“The students have come so far academically!  They are excited!”

“…Students who came into Kindergarten with very little or no English were able to read and write in English by the end of the year!  They also learned to pray and to value the Bible.”

“…Provides individual education…we can help a struggling student get back to grade level, or, in another case, give higher level work to challenge them, to suit the needs of the students.”

“Children change here.  They carry out acts of kindness, perseverance, forgiveness.  Their hearts soften, they believe in God and in themselves.  They reflect on what it means to be more Christ-like and that God will lead them wherever they go.”

“As teachers we are here to train these children to obey God’s word, worship and serve Him in everything we do and say.  I know I am growing more and more in the Lord as time goes on.”