Lunch Payments

Lunch payments can be mailed into the bookkeeper, at our P.O. Box or dropped off at the black payment box, at the school office.

Tuition & Fees

School Office:  Tuition and fees can be paid in the school office.  We currently accept check or credit/debit card or cash payments.

Standard Mail:  Tuition and fees can also be paid by check via the mail.  Please DO NOT use the school address for mailed payments.  Please mail payments to:


PO Box 14843

Mill Creek, WA 98082

Online PaymentsOnline payments will be available as soon as possible (we are currently looking to partner with a merchant that will allow us to keep online payments as fee free as possible).

Pay Online

We are unable to accept online payments for school lunch.  We apologize for the delay and very much appreciate your patience!

A small fee will be required for online payments (due to company service charges).