God has greatly blessed us this year and we are GROWING!

**Now enrolling for 2017-2018!**

Now offering 3 year old Pre-School class.

Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten are perfect times to introduce your child to the school environment. At Sulamita, we offer classes that enrich and engage students in their learning through hands on lessons.  Students also learn to interact with one another, growing their communication and social skills while discovering new talents and teachings from their friends as well as their teachers.

As children complete the 2nd Year Pre-K class, they will feel confident about their ability to enter into Kindergarten the following year, having been taught from a rigorous yet enjoyable and fun Sonlight Pre-Kindergarten curriculum. Sonlight is one of the top Pre-Kindergarten curriculums available and also ensures that children are taught from a Godly perspective at all times.

If you would like to enroll your child for Pre-School or Pre-K, please contact Mrs. Smith at (425)298-7676 or stop by the school office between the hours of 8:30-9:15AM (Monday through Thursday) or 1:00-4:00PM (Monday-Wednesday).Tuition rates can be found in the enrollment application or on the Tuition & Fees Page.

preschool-2017-2018-enrollmentThis is our third year we are excited to offer our Pre-School Class. This is a great opportunity for kids to learn about the love of God as well as be introduced to a school environment. They will have the opportunity to meet new friends as well as get prepared for school.  We do ask that all students be potty trained before enrolling. We would like the environment to remain school oriented.


  • Full-Time (Monday-Thursday, 8:30 AM-4:00 PM)
  • - $365 per month
  • Part-Time (Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday, 8:30 AM-4:00 PM)
  • - $245 per month

Meals not included.  School lunch is available for purchase.  Meals must be purchased at least a week in advance at the rate of $3.25 per meal.

Our Pre-School & Pre-K Teachers

Ms. Olga (Pre-School):

Ms. Olga has a huge heart for serving students at SCS, constantly offering to serve the ministry in any role that is needing filled.  She currently welcomes our first year students to Sulamita Christian School, teaching children in the Pre-School Program. This is Ms. Olga’s third year teaching at SCS.

Mrs. Ana

Mrs. Ana (Pre-K, Year 1):

Mrs. Ana is one of our lead Pre-K teachers (teaches Year 1 Pre-K). She has an enormous heart for the Lord that is easily seen through her great compassion for all of His children.  Mrs. Ana has many years experience teaching and serving at previous preschools/daycares.  Mrs. Ana is tri-lingual.

 Jr-K-BANNERMs. Heather (Jr. K/Pre-K, Year 2):

Ms. Heather is our lead Jr. Kindergarten teacher.  She has several years of experience working with children in the Pre-School and Pre-K/Jr.K age group. She previously directed and taught at a preschool in Marysville.  She loves helping in every possible way that she can.  She loves serving the kids and ministry in every way she can.

Mrs. Kidwell & Mrs. Patty:  

Mrs. Kidwell and Mrs. Patty are our substitute teachers at SCS.

Mrs. Kidwell has been serving the youth and others in children’s ministry for several years.  We were blessed to have Mrs. Kidwell join our ministry team as a part-time Pre-K teacher during the 2013-2014 school year as well as continue to serve the past two years. God has blessed her with a love for all of His little children.  She is currently finishing her degree in education.

What We Offer at Sulamita (Pre-K Overview):

All children are taught from the Word of God (the Bible) and constantly learn about His desires for our lives, learning to be thankful, honest, and loving to all. We teach the children about the Lord’s great love for all of us and how he desires to be the center of all of our lives (asking us to surrender all over to Him).

God’s love is carried out in and taught through all of our academics/curriculum. Students also learn math (counting, adding, subtracting), science (taught about all of God’s great blessing & miracles–seasons, plants, our 5 senses, etc.) and literacy (taught the alphabet, all of the sounds, and beginning blends in reading).

Students also attend Russian Language class and receive Music Class from our Music Specialist (Mrs. Leah Smith) two days per week.

Our Program (2 Year Pre-K Program)

Year 1 (Pre-K):  The main focus of the first year Pre-K program is literacy (letters–sounds & writing) and math (counting and writing up to the number 20). By year end, students have been taught all of the letters of the alphabet (capital and lowercase) and their sounds. They will have also been taught to count on and down from the numbers 0-20.

In order to re-charge and refuel for the long school day, Year 1 students receive an hour of nap/rest time each day.

Year 2 (Jr. Kindergarten):  Again, the main focus of the second year Pre-K program is literacy and math learning.  Students in the second year (Jr. Kindergarten) program will be expected to already know their alphabet and be able to write their names, legibly. This program is an extension of our first year program and by year end will have taught the students letter blends (phonics), allowing students to read at an introductory level. Students will also be able to write both capital and lowercase letters.

The math curriculum continues on from year one counting and has students learn basic addition and subtraction (some, some more and some, some went away).

Students in the Jr. Kindergarten class must be assessed in order to be enrolled in the class since they also have the opportunity to be assessed at the end of the year for graduation into Grade 1.  Students must be 4.5 years old by August 31 of the current school year.

Year 2 students do not have rest/nap time.  This period is used to focus on additional math and literacy lessons.

Pre-K (Year 1 & Year 2)

Every day of instruction also includes a Bible teaching, calendar and weather lesson, community learning (social studies) and health and fitness lesson. Students receive music instruction (choir) two days per week.

Weekly, students participate in fun crafts (learning colors and shapes) and games related to the teachings that are taking place.

Students are given “free choice/station” breaks to allow their minds to rest between long academic periods.  This is also a very important time for them to learn to socialize and progress in language (speech) and motor skills.  Much study has been done in the subject of children at play and it has been found that when children are given the opportunity to grow through play, learning becomes long lasting, creating memorable moments and enriched learning.  It is essential to a child’s education.

Pre-K/Jr. K Daily Schedule:PreK

8:30 – Morning Activity (Calendar)

8:50 - Math/Literacy Lesson

9:30 – Chapel (M, TH)/Bible

10:00 – AM Snack

10:15 – AM Recess

10:30 – Literacy/Math Lesson

11:00 – Stations/Free Choice

11:20 – Lunch

11:45 – Lunch Recess

12:15 – Rest/Nap Time (Jr. Kindergarten has extra math & literacy class)

1:40 – Afternoon Snack

1:55 – Science/Health Lesson (2 days per week); Community Learning/Social Studies (2 days per week)

2:50 - P.E./Art/Craft

3:35 – Wind down/Stations

3:45 – Clean Up, Pack Up

4:00 – Dismissal